PRO-X™ Drag Race 9" Torque Converter

  • Base Stall RPM: 3800 / Upper Stall RPM: 5700*
    Application Specifics:
    3200lbs, 358cid, Blower
  • Base Stall RPM: 4000 / Upper Stall RPM: 4800*
    Application Specifics:
    2500lbs, 598cid, 450 HP Nitrous

*When power adder is used, refer to upper stall RPM.

  • Fits GM Turbo Spline Transmissions

  • SETUP (1): 3800 RPM Base Stall Range / 5700 RPM Upper Stall Range* / 3200lb, 358cid, Blower, 3.90 Gear, 14W x 32H x 16, 1400 CFM Fuel Flow, 1400 HP

  • SETUP (2): 4000 RPM Base Stall Range / 4800 RPM Upper Stall Range* / 2500lb, 598cid, 450 HP Nitrous, 4.10 Gear, 16W x 33H x 16, 1400 CFM Fuel Flow, 1800+ HP

PRO-X™ Drag Race Torque Converters

Building huge horsepower is fine as long as your drivetrain is up to the task of delivering the power to the pavement. TCI® offers a complete line of premium torque converters built exclusively for use in Top Sportsman, Top Dragster and 10.5 Tire Outlaw classes. Able to handle 500+ c.i., 2500+ horsepower, 3500 RPM applications (including multi-stage, nitrous-assisted, supercharged and twin turbocharged engines), these high strength torque converters are built for most GM, Ford and Chrysler transmissions and bolt up to either six or four-bolt mounting flanges. In addition, the PRO-X™ 9" and 10" Torque Converters utilize the state-of-the-art, proprietary metallic gray HDT Coating™ which enables TCI® converters to operate at lower temperatures and cool down faster.

  • Bulletproof, Hand-Built Steel Stator Can Be Custom Engineered for Specific Stall Ranges

  • Billet Mounting Ring Provides Maximum Amount of Surface Mounting Area for Increased Strength

  • Three Sets of Heavy-Duty Internal Bearings Maximize Load Capacity & Decrease Drag in High HP Applications

  • Furnace-Brazed & Hand-Brazed Turbine & Pump Assembly Provide Superior Strength Over Competitors “Hand-Tacked” Only Converters

*Stall speed is an appproximation – will vary per CID; dyno torque; HP ratings; power adders, such as turbo(s) amount of boost, blower size & amount of boost, amount of initial nitrous applied. When power adder is used, refer to upper stall range.

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