Maximizer High Towing Torque Converter 89-03 Ford E4OD/4R100 RV/Towing , 6-Lug Forged Steel Front w/ Triple Disk Clutch & Steel Stator

 1989-03 E4OD/4R100 RV/Towing, 6-Lug Forged Steel Front Maximizer™ Towing Torque Converters With Triple-Disc Clutch And Steel Stator


Our fuel-efficient Maximizer High Torque Towing Converter is designed to reduce the slippage found in all non lock-up torque converters. This series of torque converters enables transmissions to run cooler and reduces engine RPM at highway speeds. In addition to the resulting fuel mileage increases, the High Torque Towing Converter also lowers transmission temperature by as much as 20°F. This is an excellent choice for motor homes, tow vehicles and other heavy load applications.