Circlematic TH350 2-Speed Transmission & FastLap Torque Converter Combination Non Lock-Up

27 9/16" Circlematic TH350 CircleMax Transmission™ w/ 2.52:1 Low Gear Ratio & FastLap Torque Converter™ Combination

New transmission/torque converter system provides instant throttle response, superior engine braking capabilities and quicker lap times

Getting the right combination of transmission and torque converter components for your circle track race car can be a challenge. The new TCI® TH350 CircleMax Transmission™ & FastLap Torque Converter™ Combination takes away the guesswork by delivering an engineered system that provides instant throttle response and the ability to drive deeper into the corners. On track testing has shown the increased efficiency and reduced slippage of this new combination lowers engine rpm by 300-400 rpm so that your drivetrain runs cooler and more efficiently.

Utilizing Posi-Drive Technology to deliver instant throttle response and provide maximum engine braking in all gears, the TCI® TH350 CircleMax Transmission™ & FastLap Torque Converter™ Combination features competition-grade internal components and exceptional quality of workmanship. As with every TCI® transmission/converter, these units are triple tested (including a complete dyno certification of the transmission) and rigorously inspected to provide unmatched performance and race-after-race durability. This combination is the hot set-up for any stock car or truck racing class where TH350 transmissions are required and works equally well with both dirt track and asphalt applications.