Inglése™ - celebrating more than 30 years of affordable exotic induction!

Inglése™ Induction Systems got its start in the 70's when we began working with the Weber carburetion on the Cobra roadsters built by Shelby-American. Our work with Cobras soon paved the way for us to provide parts and tuning for some of the fastest and most exotic Ford-powered cars on the planet, including Ford GT-40s and Shelby Daytona coupes. Our Weber tuning prowess with these legendary automobiles soon led to our developing Weber systems for other American V8s.

By 1980, Inglése™ had taken on the challenge of designing new Weber systems for Chevy V8s. Developing this product series required both innovation and expertise, as many of these systems were the very first of their kind. Unlike our competitors, we manufactured most of our own intakes and components, which gave us superb control over the quality and performance of our products.

In 1981, Inglése™ incorporated, and we began to advertise our products and services nationally. This same year marked the start of the in-house manufacture of our own proprietary-design intake manifolds. By this time, not only were we able to offer many previously unavailable applications, but the rigorous dyno testing that formed an integral part of our research and development process pushed us to the forefront of Weber-carbureted horsepower production.

In 2007, Inglése™ became a proud member of the COMP Performance Group™. Today, we continue to develop our product line in the automotive performance industry's most technologically advanced facilities, using the design and manufacturing expertise that only the COMP Performance Group™ can bring to the table.