(8) Internal Metal Screen Stack Filters for EFI Stack Systems


Mount Inside Stacks to Trap Debris w/out Altering the Appearance of Your EFI Stack System

Designed to mount between your Inglese™ EFI System’s stacks and throttle body, these new Metal Screen Filters remain out of sight as they keep larger trash and debris from becoming lodged within your system. These screens are perfect for anyone who wants to protect his or her system but does not want to cover the stacks or install bulky air cleaners. Easy-to-install, the Metal Screen Filters simply bolt into place between the throttle body and stacks. And, they don’t require any new hardware. Inglese™ Metal Screen Filters work with all popular Inglese™ Induction Systems using FAST™ EFI components.

  • Screens prevent rocks, trash & other debris from entering throttle body, thus protecting your investment

  • Designed to sit below stack opening so as not to change the look of your original, customized system

  • Work with all Inglese™ EFI Induction Systems that use FAST™ components

  • Simple installation requires no new hardware