(8) Chrome Top Snap-In Filters for AllBillet Stacks

Includes (8) Filters



The induction specialists at Inglese™ have always prided themselves on combining functionality with eye-catching appearance. New Inglese™ Stack Filters are designed to fit directly into the stacks without robbing valuable horsepower. Built from top-of-the-line K&N Filters for better airflow, the filter simply pushes on to the top of the stack to keep out dust, dirt and other trash that could become dangerously lodged in the stacks themselves. Each filter features a grooved surface to easily snap in to the new Inglese™ Billet Stacks. Also available individually.

  • Includes (8) Filters
  • Built from Superior K&N Filters for Better Airflow
  • Designed to Fit Directly Onto Stacks to Keep Out Foreign Objects Without Robbing HP
  • Each Filter Features a Grooved Surface to Easily Snap On to New Inglese™ Billet Stacks