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Inglese™ LS 8-Stack Induction Systems

New eight-stack induction systems from Inglese™ allow users to bolt EFI throttle bodies to modern LS engines while retaining classic style.
The idea of classic style combined with the superior performance of modern LS engines has become a reality with new Inglese™ LS 8-Stack Induction Systems. Designed to work with either EZ-EFI® or XFI™ Fuel Injection Systems, all necessary components such as sensors, injectors, IAC and a vacuum plenum are integrated, making the manifold an easy bolt on. Inglese™ LS 8-Stack Induction Systems use FAST™ intake face o-ring seals and also include cast-in nitrous bungs that can be drilled out for running nitrous. Two versions are available, one for LS1-style cathedral port heads and one for LS3/L92-style heads, and are sold as either a single manifold or a fully assembled system. The LS 8-Stack Induction Systems also work with Inglese™ IDA carburetors, and a complete linkage kit is available. Download PDF for full Press Release with additional info and part numbers.

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Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems

New Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems offer unique styling, modern EFI benefits and bolt-on fitment for engines using a single or dual plane 4150 flange 4-barrel intake.

New Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems combine proven FAST™ electronic fuel injection technology with radical Inglese™ sidedraft styling. Designed to work with any FAST™ EFI system, they give customers a value-priced alternative to buying a full eight-stack system by adapting to an existing conventional four barrel-intake manifold. These adaptor manifolds feature all necessary components including integrated sensors, fuel rails and linkage, and easily bolt on to any engine using a single or dual plane 4150 flange 4-barrel intake. All of the parts needed for installation are included. Offered in polished or as cast versions, Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems make the same power as the standard four-barrel FASTEZ-EFI® system with no loss in drivability. They are the ideal solution for adding both EFI performance and stunning looks to any hot rod or street machine.

Quick Facts
Product: Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems
Part Number: Application Specific (See Chart)
Social Media Pitch: Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems combine proven FAST™ EFI technology with unique styling & bolt-on fitment
Features & Benefits:
•Complete induction systems that serve as a value alternative to a full 8-stack system
•Adaptor manifolds include integrated sensors, fuel rails & linkage components for easy bolt-on installation
•Proven FAST™ EFI performance with unique Inglese™ sidedraft styling; offered polished or as cast
•Work with any FAST™ EFI system; make same power with no loss in drivability when compared to standard 4BBL EZ-EFI®