Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems

New Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems offer unique styling, modern EFI benefits and bolt-on fitment for engines using a single or dual plane 4150 flange 4-barrel intake.

New Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems combine proven FAST™ electronic fuel injection technology with radical Inglese™ sidedraft styling. Designed to work with any FAST™ EFI system, they give customers a value-priced alternative to buying a full eight-stack system by adapting to an existing conventional four barrel-intake manifold. These adaptor manifolds feature all necessary components including integrated sensors, fuel rails and linkage, and easily bolt on to any engine using a single or dual plane 4150 flange 4-barrel intake. All of the parts needed for installation are included. Offered in polished or as cast versions, Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems make the same power as the standard four-barrel FASTEZ-EFI® system with no loss in drivability. They are the ideal solution for adding both EFI performance and stunning looks to any hot rod or street machine.

Quick Facts
Product: Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems
Part Number: Application Specific (See Chart)
Social Media Pitch: Inglese™ Sidedraft EFI Systems combine proven FAST™ EFI technology with unique styling & bolt-on fitment
Features & Benefits:
•Complete induction systems that serve as a value alternative to a full 8-stack system
•Adaptor manifolds include integrated sensors, fuel rails & linkage components for easy bolt-on installation
•Proven FAST™ EFI performance with unique Inglese™ sidedraft styling; offered polished or as cast
•Work with any FAST™ EFI system; make same power with no loss in drivability when compared to standard 4BBL EZ-EFI®